So your Facebook Business Page is NOT giving you any more love.

The Facebook business page that you’ve set up to grow your Real Estate Business has become a bitter old lover. No matter how much love you give it, it never responds to your touch, it just sits there passionately unmoved… you’re now wondering if it is time you asked for a divorce… DON’T.

Facebook is still the best tool out there on the market for growing your Real Estate Business. BUT if you want to stay up with the play and use it effectively then you are going to have to start using it differently.

Recently, I asked more that 50 Real Estate professionals this question: What is your biggest challenge with your Facebook Business Page?

  1. Coming up with content.
  2. Growing your page fans.
  3. Generating actual business.

What would your answer be? Their answers are displayed in the graph below:

Your Greatest Challenge With Facebook

As you can see getting some actual tangible love back (business dollars) from their facebook page is the greatest frustration for most professionals when it comes to their business page.

And rightly so, if you are not seeing a return on the time you are investing on Facebook, then you either have to do it differently or not do at it all — do it differently!

3 Things To Do Differently To Succeed With Your Facebook Page.

1. Aim for Remark-ability

If I were to compare your Facebook Business Page to those belonging to 100 of your closest competitors how would yours be different? What makes yours unique? What do you offer on your page that no one else does?

Ask yourself this question: “What words would one of your Facebook fans use if they were to tell one of their friends to follow your business on Facebook?” More often than not there is not a strong enough offering or reason for a person to connect with your business online.

If you want a remarkable Facebook presence then you are going to have to get creative, you are going to have to subvert the status quo and breath new creative life into that old Facebook love affair. You are going to have to do something different. And before you shout at me “but I’m not creative,” let me shout back at you, “YOU ARE CREATIVE, EVERYONE IS CREATIVE!” We find our creativity in our unique personality traits, our passions, the ways in which we solve problems and the unique way in which we look at the world.

We often partner Real Estate Professionals in this process, listening, seeing, and finding out exactly what makes you unique and how this can be used as a relationship building tool online.

2. Give it a Relational Purpose

Your business will grow most quickly if you increase your relational wealth. By relational wealth, we mean both the quantity and the depth of your relationships. So if you really want to see your business grow through your activity on Facebook then you need to see your Facebook page as a place to foster relationships rather then sell properties.

“Given that 99.9% of people on facebook are not currently in a Real Estate Transaction Phase of their lives, it makes sense to build a brand around a common value, passion or love that is deeper and greater than the transaction.”

We believe that every place your Real Estate brand exists online should have a defined relational purpose. There are 3 distinct relational purposes and places:

  1. A place to meet people and build rapport.
  2. A place for deeper engagement.
  3. A place for building community with your Ambassadors or Lifetime Supporters.

So you need to choose the relational purpose of your Facebook Page, because this in turn will define your behavior and the kind of content that you are producing.

For example: If you are wanting to use your Facebook Page as a place of building community (deepening relationships with your Ambassadors) then you want think about involving them in the content that you are producing. When people are involved in the creation of your content they are far more likely to share it and your page can grow quickly and organically.

A great example of a Community Facebook page that is doing this brilliantly, is a client of ours Laura. A.Hall who runs the Sonoma County Secrets Page.

3. Choose a Specific Audience

Who is your Facebook Page for?

“If you want your content to engage people, then you have to know exactly who it is you are wanting to engage. It is foolish to be general here, your Facebook Page won’t work for you if you don’t know your audience OR if you are trying to appeal to everyone.”

The more specific you get here, the more niche you become, the more remarkable your page will be and the faster it will grow. If you are having trouble deciding exactly you want your audience to be, grab a piece of paper and start writing own exactly who it is NOT for.

Typically, we would encourage you to look at your ideal clients (you should have 5-6 different demographics here) and choose just one of them, chose the group of people who you feel the strongest positive emotion for, and make them the audience for your page.

In Conclusion

If you want your Facebook Page to really engage an audience and have a positive effect on your business then you cannot simply slap together a real estate page and post the properties your selling — it won’t work.

To get the attention you deserve you are going to have create something that is remarkable and different, a page that has specific relational purpose with a specific audience in mind. I wish there was a different way… but there isn’t.

Note: I’ve helped hundreds of real estate professionals use Facebook to generate large numbers of referrals. Now, I’m offering you the same opportunity. Here’s a very affordable training

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