Part 1 – The Gun, the Realtor and the Social Media Blindfold

There is a gun pointed at my head.

My eyes are black, bloodied and swollen. My lips are cracked and parched. My hands are bound together with a rusty old chain that rattles every time I tremble. There is a rope around my ankles, rubbing my skin raw, cutting into my flesh, binding me to this rickety old chair that is sitting in the middle of this windowless, damp, dark room.

This is not 50 Shades of Gray, this is more like David Fincher’s “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, although right now I’m not sure if I will ever meet that girl again.

It’s got to be hitting 100 degrees Fahrenheit in this basement. My sweat mixes with my blood as it rolls in what seems like a constant stream down my forehead. You can hear the pop of the drops, as they fall and echo into a puddle on the sparse concrete floor.

Suddenly, the man with gun speaks, his voice is devoid of life, filled with a sick combination of depravity and insanity. But he’s not talking to me, he’s talking though his cell phone directly to you!

His request is simple and I agree that for the sake of this metaphor, it’s a little weird.

He’s giving you only one hour to save my life. In this hour you must find 12 strangers and you must ask them one simple question. You must to ask them…

“What is the one thing that they love more than anything else in their life?”

You have to bring back 12 answers with their email addresses and if you can do this I will live, if not… well, that will be the end of this article.

Could you do it? Could you go out there and engage 12 strangers to save my life?

How would you do it?

The possibilities are endless. You could do it on Twitter in 5 minutes. You could run to the mall and do it in 20 minutes? You might even be able to knock on enough doors and find at least 12 people who were home. People are everywhere, they are not difficult to find.

The question is simply, are the stakes high enough for you? Are you motivated enough to save my life? Do you really care?

The truth is the success of your Real Estate Career depends on your ability and more importantly on your desire to engage strangers in conversations. Will you do it and how will you do it?

Part 2 – In the Realtor, the Gun and the Social Media Blindfold can be read here

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