Part 2 – The Gun, The Realtor and the Social Media Blindfold

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The truth is for many Real Estate Professionals, your career, your livelihood, your business, and your very lives are sitting bound up in that chair, beaten and bruised in that damp dark basement. Your success is under threat, and if you don’t act now, then your career may soon be no longer.

Am I being dramatic?


Is there a great truth, hidden in this drama? I believe so.

The solution to, not only saving but growing your career into one that thrives and succeeds for you and your family is really quite simple… You must authentically engage strangers.

People are everywhere, why are you not engaging them? Why are you not asking them really great questions? Why are you not building relationships?

Either the stakes are not high enough or you do not know how to strategically engage others in an honest and genuine way that will build your brand.

Which is it?

The Offline versus Online Conundrum

Many Real Estate Professionals, will often ask me if it is really worth their while, having an online presence. Some see it as the icing on the cake, the thing that they will do once they are successful. It is also clear that some prefer door knocking to tweeting, perhaps they like the exercise.

In the metaphor from yesterday (here), since my life is at stake, I actually don’t care where exactly you meet those 12 strangers, my only concern is that you care enough to complete the task and save my life.

Remember, you can meet people anywhere, but there is an addendum to this… you will also only meet people where they actually are. And increasingly, whether you like it or not, people are found first and foremost on the social media channels.

So, if you are not working the social media channels, you are in my opinion, missing out on engagement opportunities that will be great for your business. It is obviously the easiest, cheapest and most effective way of meeting people that you do not know.

So why are you not really doing it?

Or why, despite all your online efforts is your business not growing as a result of the time you are spending online?

How many people have you met in the last year in the social space? How many transactions have resulted from any of your interactions?

Perhaps, you like door knocking?


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