Part 3 – The Gun, The Realtor and the Social Media Blindfold

This is continued from Part 2 yesterday (Read here)

Last year, I surveyed close to 60 different Real Estate Professionals from right around the world and I asked them…

What is your number one challenge with social media?

Their answers were fascinating and could be broken down into 6 main categories (see below):

  1. Time Challenged – 28%
  2. Content Related Challenges (I don’t know what content to create) – 24%
  3. Engagement Related Challenges (no one is talking to me) – 24%
  4. Bottom Line Value Challenged (Not seeing a financial return) – 16%
  5. Branding Related (I don’t know how to stand out) – 2%
  6. Myth Related Challenged (People don’t like Realtors) – 3%

Which category would you be in? Over the next four days I want to look at the top four challenges outlined here that many Real Estate Professionals face when it comes to their online activities

1. The Time Challenged Professional

I’m trying not to take this personally but 28% of you were too busy, too scattered, too unsure as to how to exactly engage strangers and grow your business in the social space.

Life is busy and how you use your time is very important. Social media used incorrectly will steal your time. Social media used properly will nearly always save you time .

This may seem harsh, but your challenges with time are not related to, or caused by social media. Your challenges with time are related to the choices that you are making or not making everyday of your life.

We don’t have enough time for a number of reasons:

  1. When we try and do too much.
  2. When we try and please everyone.
  3. When we don’t slow down and decide on what is most important.
  4. When it is not a priority.

If you really want to overcome the time challenge and use social media to effectively grow your real estate business through the building of relationships then you are going to have first slow down.

Through the process of slowing down, you will begin to prioritize and make wise decisions about how you are going to use the social space. You will choose to limit yourself to only one or two social networks, picking the ones that you enjoy the most, the ones that best suit your communication style.

One of the reasons that you are feeling such time pressure, is that you are trying to be everywhere, and as a result you are no where at all.

To take advantage of my years of experience in working with real estate professionals please contact me here

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