Blogging Better – Getting Heard in a Noisy World

It happens too many times for it to be an anomaly…

No one notices you. No one listens to you. No one reads your blog or shares your content or barely engages with you at all.

It’s can be extremely frustrating.

Some days, you want to literally grab a fistful of your own hair and pull it out. Don’t! (It is painful). It’s so frigin’ disheartening though, and all the effort your investing can feel like a complete waste of time

In an attempt to feel better perhaps you find yourself blaming others, it’s the entire worlds fault! Perhaps the Internet is really just for the narcissist who wants to talk only about themselves!? If only you were a “blogging celebrity” then everything would be different! Or better still, if only you had a team of people who could market your content for you, then surely you would succeed!

Of course none of this is true, there is one really obvious reason “WHY” no one is listening to what you have to say…

Your blog is simply not interesting enough, and the way that you are presenting your message is unremarkable and not inspiring.





Let me just answer your question with another question. “If I wrote a novel that wasn’t that captivating, that was average, and that wasn’t really very good at all. Would I be right in hoping that millions of people purchased it and loved it?”

No, such hope would make my heart grow sick. I would be deluded. No amount of marketing dollars, no clever social media strategy, no celebrity endorsement would ever make my book sell because there is a giant problem with the product itself.

If you want people to read your blog then you are going to have to write better. You are going to have to make it remarkable and unique. You are going to have to find your voice.

Blogging better is simply about finding your own specific voice. It’s about getting rid of the rules. It is about throwing away the recipe. It’s about tearing down the walls of convention and for once in your life listening the creative beat of your own heart.

If you want help doing this, then I’d love to help you. Previously, I built one of the best blogs in the world, that was read in over 100 countries. Let’s tear down some walls and do something that is truly remarkable together. Contact me below:



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