You Must Follow These Four Commands to Succeed Online

The secret to finding success as a Real Estate Professional on Social Media and via your blog is found right in the intersection of these four things.

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Let me outline them, so that this is clear. I will call these the four commandments

1. You must have excellent real estate knowledge and you must continue to provide an incredibly professional service to your clients.

2. You must be fully alive and be 100% creatively alive, expressing your voice through your own unique way through channels that suit your communication style.

3. You must be highly relational. This is where those who automate too much fail. If you do not have a recipe for getting the relationships offline you will fail. If you talk and do not listen, you will fail.

4. You must give your life to the world. Great and powerful stories are created and shared, when you find a way to do remarkable things for others, that step outside of the transaction and connect on a human leve.

Note: Living by these commands is not easy. The intersection that we’re aiming for is very small, but the closer you get to the center the better you will do. If you want transforming your online presence then let’s talk here. I’ve helped hundreds on people do it and I can help you. Also check out our revolutionary 90-Day Facebook Program below.

90 Days to Complete Facebook Mastery

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