Creativity may be your biggest weapon

There is an insidious lie out there… it’s been creeping in slowly for awhile now.

What is it?

It’s the misheld belief that to truly succeed online as a Real Estate Professional you need to have a big advertising budget or a marketing team working for you.

It’s simply not true.

In fact many professionals who have a decent budget, who invest heavily in ads routinely fail when it comes to the Internet. Also big marketing teams often pump out the same content for different Realtors, content that seems as though it has been mass produced (it has). Content that is without any emotional hook. Content that does not engage real human beings because it is designed only for the search engines.

These Real Estate Professionals are not seeing the success they deserve online because they are not obeying one of the four laws of digital real estate success that I discussed in yesterday’s blog.

Which law are they not fullfiling? They are not maximizing the inherent power of their own creativity.

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3 Secrets to Using your Creativity to Succeed Online

Your creativity is perhaps your greatest asset when it comes to marketing your brand and connecting strongly with a whole audience of people online.

Before I outline these 3 secrets let me remind you that the Internet via mediums such as blogging and social media is the 21st century version of door knocking, it offers you the incredible opportunity to sit down in the living room with your future clients.

There are of-course more than 3 secrets to success that I coach our clients on however these are the biggest overarching three.

  1. Express Your Creativity in Your Own Way on a Platforms That Best Suit YouThere is a lot of terrible advice out there from “supposed” marketing guru’s saying things like, “You need to be on video. Video is the way of the future. You must do at least one video/week.”Why is this terrible advice?

    It’s terrible advice because many people are not good on video. Clearly putting crappy videos out there that do nothing other than highlight your aversion to the camera and possibly the camera’s aversion to you is actually detrimental to your brand.

    If you are good on video, use video. But in my experience the majority of Real Estate Professionals are too self-conscious and inexperienced to make a big splash face to camera. I’ve spent years working in the film industry, both in front and behind the camera so I think my opinion is valuable here.

    Truthfully, if you are determined to use video (because you love it), then you may need to invest in some coaching.

    The overarching point here is choose a medium that best suits your creativity. If you love to write, then blog. If you love taking photos, then take photos. If you have a gift for sketching then sketch. If you like to write poetry then use the poetry… figure out how to best use your creativity in your Marketing.

    2.  Involve Your Audience in Your Creativity

    Just because we’ve created a piece of content doesn’t mean that others will like it.

    However if we involve them in the creation of the content there is a very good chance that they will not only like it but also share it.

    Let me give you a ridiculous example: You could take a photo of your dog, post it on Facebook with a description as to why you think he is the greatest mutt alive. Will, your next door neigbor share it?


    Or you could take a photo of your next door neighbor’s dog. Write a cute blurb about it and decide to award it an oscar for cuteness. Will your neighbor and his entire family share this post? Absolutely.

    The more you use your creativity to create content about others in your world (another of the 4 laws) the faster your brand will grow and the deeper your relationships will become.

    3. Get Really Specific with Your Content Brand

    It is tempting for some to want to do everything. It is tempting for some to want to be on every social media channel that exists, displaying the full width and breadth of their creativity and expertise.

    It is probably not tempting for you…

    And yet when I audit the majority of Real Estate Professional social media profiles what I experience is the impression that this person is everywhere online and yet absolutely no where at the same time.

    You are better to do one or two things (be on 1-2 social channels) in a truly remarkable way that to attempt to do everything. Most of our clients breathe a little more easily when I tell them this.

    One of the problems with being everywhere and trying to have a well-rounded presence is that you become extremely difficult to describe. Here’s a good test of the theory, ” What would one of your Facebook fans (insert any social media channel here) say to a friend, if they were trying to encourage that friend to follow you?”

    Guess what?

    Being a good Realtor doesn’t cut it?


    Because 99.9% of the people you engage with online and in your community are not currently in a real estate buying or selling life phase? So you need to find a more effective way to connect and build rapport.

    One of my roles as a coach and a strategist is to help our clients find the truly odd, interesting, authentic and genuine things about themselves and to help them create a presence around the things that make them unique.

    Crazy about music? Love fine art? Always giving parenting advice? Addicted to sports? True community leader?

    Discovering what is uniquely you, takes work but living out of our uniqueness and sharing it with the world? That’s your best life, and it is the most fun you will ever have. You are more than a Realtor!

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