10 Tips to Engage People on Social Media

There is nothing worse than spending hours each week online and seeing very little reward for all your marketing efforts.

If you are a Real Estate Professional struggling to engage people on social media then print this out and keep these 10 tips close by.

10 Tips to Engage People on Social Media


  1. Don’t try and engage everyone:  A good digital strategy is a lot like a game of tennis, your either want to be at the front of the court working with raving fans or your want to be at the back of the court engaging new people. If you spend too much time in the middle of court debating people who will never be front of the court raving fans, you will lose the game.

  3. Have an engagement funnel that doesn’t end at the point of sale: The end goal of your business is not to close deals (it is important), the end goal is to create lifetime relationships that are equally beneficial and mutual. These kinds of relationship are the heart and soul of a relationship based real estate brand. When finding your people becomes the goal, both business and marketing take care of themselves.

  5. Consistently use your FULL VOICE: This is a critical part of any content strategy. Contrary to popular marketing opinion you should talk about things that are extremely passionate about. Yes, this includes politics and matters of faith. There is a way of doing this on each channel that attracts the right people and repels the wrong ones.

  7. Put your attention on others: Don’t spend so much time on your own content that you forget to go across and converse with other people on their news-feed etc. 50% of your social media time should be spent here. Let me know if you want help with this.

  9. Ask a lot of questions: Social media is as much a place to listen as it is a platform to talk. You can learn about your target market, what their interests are, what their specific challenges are simply by asking.

  11. Regularly audit your overall narrative: One a week, scroll through your news-feed on your social media channels. How many of your posts are about Real Estate? My own personal view is that only around 5% of your content should be about real estate. Remember the overarching goal is to build raving fans of your brand, not sell real estate.

  13. Segment your ideal clients into 5-6 personas: one of the major reasons we don’t engage outside of real estate is that we have not done the work of knowing exactly who it is we’re talking too. Because of this the default is to simply talk about the business (Your business) and this off-putting socially. Put your 5-6 different personas into lists on each social media channel and focus on engaging one group each week with relevant and personal content.

  15. Think of one person every time you post: This is technique I use when teaching blogging. Whenever you post if you really truly want to engage an audience then get specific and choose one person who you know, and in your imagination try  and engage, inspire, convince that person.

  17. Use action verbs: Often there is no engagement with our content because we have simply not created content that asks for engagement. One of the ways to avoid this is to choose a person that your content is for (see above) and then choose an action verb, something that describes the effect you are wanting to have on that person. For example: you may want to inspire them to take risks. You might want to convince us that you are right. You might want draw us into your world.

  19. Focus on what works: Don’t move away from content that is working well for you. Too often we stick to posting schedules and crappy advice that we’ve been given like “you must tweet 10 time/day.” If you find a piece of content that is resonating, don’t bury it underneath the weight of a thousand more pieces of content. Keep it front and center, keep promoting it, keeping sharing it, keeping asking people questions… Plus it’s much simpler and much less work this way.

Note: If your a real estate professional who wants to grow their business, then contact me here.

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