The Tennis Metaphor

A great digital strategy for a Relationship-Focused Real Estate professional is a lot like a game of tennis.

You either want to be at the back of the court meeting new people OR you want to be at the front of the court building deep relationships with your lifetime fans and referral partners.

NOTE: In tennis the middle of the court is a bad place to be, you will get passed every time. It’s the same with all your online efforts. if you are spending your time creating content, talking with, debating etc, people who DO NOT belong or resonate with the heart of your brand then you are going to lose, you are not spending your time wisely.

Top 5 Tennis Analogies for Real Estate Professionals

1. You need to clearly identify who belongs in the center of your brand. It typically involves a third party consultant or an outside perspective. You/we are typically inside our own brands too much to identify this.

2. You need to have a net game. How do you fully integrate your lifetime supporters in a way that gives them a sense of great ownership when it comes to your brand? Unlike tennis where you are trying to beat your opponent, here at the net your goal is to have long and spectacular rallies, enjoying the interactions that you are having with your people. Getting your fans to help you create your content is one way to do this.

3. You need to have a weed out strategy and/or an engagement process. Most of the people you meet online do not belong at the center of your brand BUT at first you do not know this. The goal of a good engagement strategy is to create a resonance that attracts the right people and repels the wrong people. You want to have a process in place that moves your people from the back of the court to the front of the court as quickly as possible. Less time in the middle of the court (a faster process) means a greater ROI on your time spent.

4. This game can be played on any social media channel OR on multiple channels. The channels you choose should fit your target demographic and your preferred communication style. The channel is a little like the surface in tennis. If you’re an ace on clay, spend all your energy trying to win the French open and focus a little less on winning on grass at Wimbledon.

5. Lastly you need to know how to serve and you need many different types of serves. This is how the game starts. If you don’t have a strategy on how you are going to meet new people OR if you are not implementing your own strategy consistently then your relational network is going to get stale and run dry. Much of your time should be spent purifying your serve, to make it as accurate and as powerful as possible. Your business and ultimately your ever growing relational sphere will love you for it.

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