The Importance of Being Known

One of the worst things in the world for any human being is to not be known… we call this loneliness.

In the world of branding and real estate, one of the worst things in the world is to not be known… for anything. We call this “the lonely hustle.” And being known as a good realtor, or a person of faith with two dogs and a cat isn’t enough either.

How do you get known?

How do you create an easily describable reputation where you are known for something?

When it comes to your personal brand actually being definable is actually more important than the thing that defines you. Interestingly enough we can often fall into the trap of taking our “personal brand” too seriously, we want to find that thing that sums us up completely. But brand definition is not about a summary, it is about finding a hook that makes you memorable.

Typically, it is the quirky, unusual and odd things at the edge of us that often help us create a memorable brand… sometimes even the things we fear.

In my work with clients and building personal brand, I am becoming increasingly interested in the concept of “motifs”, a physical object or an actual representation that a person gets known for. The wonderful Brenda Ellis put me onto this perhaps by accident when she started including a red shaped heart umbrella in all her photographs.

Having a motif as part of your brand, doesn’t have to be serious, it can be cute, it can be funny, it can be lovely, it can be what ever you want it to be.


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