How do you Honestly Cheat Facebook’s Algorithms?

How do you Honestly Cheat Facebook’s Algorithms? Someone just asked me this question?

How do you honestly cheat anything? This is an oxymoron. The moment you cheat it is not honest anymore.

My actual question however is “why would you want to want to cheat the algorithms?

The answers to this question vary from, “I want more people to see my content to, I want to grow my business fast, to I want to connect with more people.”

Personally, I understand the desire for growth and I also understand the anxiety behind it… but I think you need to first understand the reasoning behind the algorithms.

Facebook is not your Enemy here

Currently, it is extremely in vogue to hate Facebook. And yes they may have thrown the 2016 election to the Russians but they are not wrong in what they are doing here — Trump Supporters I am joking… maybe 😉

What is the goal of the Facebook algorithm?

Facebook’s (like Google Search) primary focus with content is the User experience. They want the User to see the kind of content that they are interested in, the kind of content that they typically engage in. They want you to be connected most strongly with the people you are engaged with most often.

Thus, if you have 4000 friends, Facebook is not going to pack your news feed full of every post from each of those 4000 friends. It would be like trying to find a specific pair of socks in a shipping container full of socks… extremely difficult.

Don’t try and Cheat Relationally

Apparently “relationally” is not even a word but I am still going to use it here.

In our anxiety for people to see our content and for our business to grow we can become extremely one-sided in how we seek to use the social media channels. It becomes all about who “likes, comments, shares” our posts. This is not good. This is not good at all.

Ever hung out with someone who never laughed at your jokes (it happens in marriage lol), but only ever looked to have people laugh at the funnies they attempted to crack?

Did someone just say the word narcissist?

This approach to engagement also puts us in an extremely passive position when it comes to growing our sphere. We are simply waiting for someone, (anyone, please somebody) to notice us… And when no one notices we blame Facebook and ask… how can I cheat the algorithms?

When playing soccer you can throw the ball in the goal but it is not a really sustainable strategy for winning the game… you are going to get a red card.

Maybe the Algorithm is Encouraging you to Grow

A novel thought this one, but it is possible that Facebook’s algorithms are attempting to encourage us to use technology in a more relational and less narcissistic way.

If you truly want engagement and connection… maybe you might want to work with the algorithms?

How do we do that?

One, be more active in the engagement process. Actively identify and seek out relationships that are important to you and your business… and go an engage these people and their content. Ask them questions, share your thoughts, get to know them better. I would recommend you do this at least 10 times/day (10 relationships).. then watch the algorithms turn in your favor!

Two, post more compelling content. It is not acceptable if you are in real estate to simply post content that is about real estate. 99.9% of the people you bump up against are not currently in real estate phase of their lives… so sadly they are really not that interested in all your Real Estate news. So what are they interested in?

They might be interested in YOU actually. If you’ll give us the full width and breadth of your voice, your life and your artistry. You might be more fascinating that you are giving yourself credit for.

Three, you actually have to ask for engagement. For example you may only be getting a few comments and likes because you never really actually ask a question or provoke a response with your content?

In Conclusion

Don’t try and cheat the algorithms. They change them all the time anyway. Instead be Really Social in the ways in which you are engaging on Facebook.

Do you agree with this post? Put your thoughts and questions in the comment section below. Share it if it was helpful!

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