Everyone is NOT invited to Dinner

Don’t try and build a real estate business that appeals to everyone…

It won’t work… and if by some miracle you succeed… your life will be unbearable.

In my very first job after leaving college in New Zealand my boss said to me…”there are two kinds of clients in this world. There are those who love everything you do AND there are those who simply do not like you at all. The trick he said is figuring out which client is which.”

It might not be that simple but his point was very clear… build a business and a brand for those people who you enjoy working with.

Too often we’re afraid to be selective and deliberate in whom we focus our marketing efforts towards. Questions rise up…

#1. What if there are not enough of “my people” in this world to sustain my business?

#2. What if people consider me “narrow minded” for focussing my efforts and my online content in such a direct way?

We have to counter these questions with an accurate appraisal of the truth and with a clear strategic plan. Firstly, unless you are marketing/limiing yourself in an extremely narrow way, there is an abundance of your people out there. With humor, too narrow would look like…

“I shall only sell craftsman cottages to people in Altadena who are buddhists, like rugby and own 3-legged dogs”

This would not be a winning strategy, so don’t do this. So instead this is what should you do…

Your Winning Strategy

I would encourage you to create 5-6 different audience niches that your brand will appeal too. In a real life relationships if we have more knowledge of the other person then we can form stronger and deeper connections. Connection is difficult and even dangerous if we are completely ignorant of exactly who it is that we are reaching for.

When it comes to defining those niches understand that people are not aggregated online according to typical real estate demographics. Generation X people, that have two children and live in Los Angeles is not a specific enough choice. Instead we are also arranged according to interests, values, lifestyle choices, occupations, causes, brand and product preferences.

“Generation X People that have children, live in Los Angeles, have progressive views and are running an entreneurial business… ” These people are getting easier to find.

In many ways, we’re looking for the kinds of people who belong at your dinner table. The kind of guests where the conversation is easy, where the wine flows and the night never seems to end.

Main Takeaway: If you want to work with clients who you love, who give you energy rather than steal your energy… then you are going to have to focus your marketing efforts on appealing to people who belong at your dinner table. AND conversely you are going to have to move away from a marketing and lead generation model that welcomes everyone and attracts no one.

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