How to Measure your Success on Facebook

How do you know if your efforts on Facebook are effective?

It is critical to have clear relationship building goals that you can measure in real time. Goals that define your Facebook Health and the Relationship Health of your brand.

There are 3 Basic Metrics

Number of Connections. This includes on your personal profile, any groups you adminster and any Facebook pages that you own.

Amount of Engagement. Who cares about how many connections you have if no one is listening to you or engaging with your content. A metric I use here to measure the effectiveness of my engagement is to simply go back over my last 10 posts and count the number of likes, shares, comments, poll votes and video views. I aggregate them all together and divide it by 10 for a per/post average. If I am getting more than 50 engagements/post then I’m doing okay… less and I may need to tweak my engagement strategy.

Number of Off Facebook Conversations Generated. Who cares about how engaged my people are if it is NOT TRANSLATING to real time off Facebook conversations… things like phone calls, coffee and people attending my events.

NOTE: It is this third metric that matters most and nearly every professional I talk to and work with does not have a clear strategy for getting relationships offline. It is imperative you get one if you want to succeed.

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