WARNING: Video May Contain Foul Language!

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When it comes to succeeding beyond your wildest dreams in real estate in 2019, connecting strongly to a specific and simple BIG REASON WHY is extremely important.

As you read (and watch the video) begin thinking about your big reason why?

  1. What is it?
  2. What could it be?
  3. Why do you need to succeed in 2019

Why Your Success Needs to Become Critically Important

When your success becomes critically important to you… it is then that you will be motivated to find a way to WIN, no matter what the obstacles or the challenges. We know this because:

  1. #1. Human history is littered with HEROES who have overcome severe challenges because their reason WHY was greater than any fear of failure.
  2. #2. You’ve already achieved success in your life during seasons when your BIG REASON WHY was bold and strong.
  3. #3. Because your life matters and you are not going to let 2019 go to waste!

Uncovering Your BIG REASON WHY

I was just exploring the concept of the “BIG REASON WHY” with Natasha Strombolli, a member of our 15-Training and some really interesting things came up in our discussion and search AND she agreed we could share them here.

It is all about getting simple and deep. It is about taking no prisoners AND finding the “one thing” that you can hang your hat on in 2019. It’s about being really fearless as you search inside for your BIG REASON WHY. Again you are looking for a reason that is SIMPLE and DEEP.

In our discussions Natasha mentioned that her WHY involved:

  1. Her 3 kids
  2. Getting rid of debt
  3. Buying her own house
  4. Taking her kids on a cruise
  5. Paying for college tuitition

These are already great things. They are all important, critically important even. But when it comes to our criteria of “simple and deep,” there are too many items. It’s a vision board it is not Natasha’s BIG REASON WHY.

Also, with so many material requirements and achievements required there is a possibility that this could add pressure rather than having the desired affect of stimulating drive.

There is a lot of stuff here AND it is all very important, critical even… BUT there is a lot to remember and there is the possibility of it all adding pressure rather than creating drive.

What could we do with “one simple sentence or two?” In reality your BIG REASON WHY should be short enough to wear as a slogan across your forehead (don’t do this)!

Curse Words Can Help

 I apologize in advance if you do not like a good cuss word. Feel free to substitute your favorite non-offensive substitute below… darn it, dang it, holy clam and cuttlefish

However, sometimes a curse word can help us. It can unlock the rawness within us. It can expose a deeper truth. They can connect us with what really matters. They can draw us towards our BIG REASON WHY.

It could look like…

  1. FUCK IT. No more failure. 2019 is my year.
  2. HOLY SHIT! Goodbye financial anxiety, you are not going to win,
  3. DAMN IT. This year I’m winning for my kids

You can drop the curse word after you’ve found your BIG REASON WHY or you can old onto it. Simplied versions of the above that could become mantras include… “I’m winning for my kids. Goodbye financial anxiety. No more failure.”

Why Negative Emotions Can Be Good

Sometimes we avoid using “FUEL” that is readily available for us because we feel as though things like anger, frustration, sadness, betrayal, loss etc CANNOT be used as they are negative emotions.

This is rubbish… energy is energy… How you use it and channel it is all that matters. So it Natasha’s case… what it came down too was pretty simple, straight from the heart and readily accessible…

“Fuck it, I’ll show my ex-husband!”

Why not use this?

Sure it will change over time as she becomes increasingly successful and her ex-husband becomes less important and less connected to her emotionally… BUT for now it is strongly motivating and promotes strong actions. Emotions of all colors MOVE US… use whatever is moving you AND let it drive you towards positive actions AND your success in 2019!

How Your BIG REASON WHY Will Save You

When we imagine success, we don’t tend to see it “as it actually will be.” We see it without the struggle, the heartbreak, the misunderstandings, the feelings of failure etc. These obstacles are of course a normal part of any journey. They are to be expected, maybe even welcomed in as part of our human experience.

When our “BIG REASON WHY” is simple enough, strong enough and deep enough. When it is anchored deeply into the fabric of our actions… we will always find a way around, past, through, or over any obstacles or challenges that we face.

Do the work now and uncover your BIG REASON WHY. It will make 2019 so much easier and you will be infinitely more successful.

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