Dear Realtor, Don’t scatter stones. They are not seeds.

Don’t scatter stones, build something instead

Do you think of the social media process as “sowing seeds”? Creating some kind of awareness? Do you live in hope that somewhere down the line you will see the fruit of all those facebook posts, instagram shots, facebook live videos etc.

Scattering is generally not a great away to create a presence. WHY? Because scattering dilutes, it fragments, it leaves remnants that do not really and truthfully represent the original whole.

If you are a Real Estate Professional who is active on a number of different social media channels. If you are a member of a large number of different facebook groups? If you have a massive email list full of strangers that you are dripping valueless, pre-wrote emails too…. then you are scattering.

Join us for our Free Webinar tomorrow here and I will show you how you can actually build a Facebook presence that works for you indefinitely.

Building a Social Media Presence

You can scatter stones OR you can take those stones and build something with them. From a branding perspective this is how you build a strong real estate brand on social media.

  • Choose a place to build. You cannot be on every channel and succeed. You are not Wallmart, you don’t have the resources.
  • Define your monument. What do you want to be known for? Who exactly are your ideal clients. Create and build just for them
  • Build a strong foundation by incorporating others into the building process. Get their buy-in early AND you will spend a lot less of your time and your money trying to get noticed.

Strategy, strategy, strategy… you achieve very little by hustling and trying to be everywhere. It is better to be still, to be strategic and to build with purpose. Your real estate business will love you for it.

Register for our tomorrow’s free training here and kill it on social and in real estate in 2019.

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