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It Just Takes a Little Faith

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Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever

The key to succeeding in 2019 is working with people who you love!

No one else will tell you this but FAITH is the key to building and growing an incredible real estate business in 2019. AND I’m not talking about money, and making suitcases full of it…(that’s a given)..

I’m talking about the kind of business where:

  • 95% of your clients love you, respect your skills and believe in you
  • Where you are constantly being referred to other great clients
  • Where you don’t have to hustle anymore

SO you are probably saying “what on earth does FAITH have to do with any of this? Do I have to get down on my knees and pray every morning?”

No…. not necessarily…

  • But it takes FAITH to build a roladex of a Facebook Friend List full of only people who you love.
  • It takes FAITH to believe that you DO NOT have to work with any annoying, aarogant, disrespectful person who walks through your door. It takes FAITH to put up your hand and say a resounding NO to these people.
  • It takes FAITH to believe that there are more than enough people out there in your community, who will love you and want to refer you to others.
  • It takes FAITH to focus on relationships and NOT transactions when business is frustrating slow.
  • It takes FAITH to trust the process and to understand that every great real estate brand has been grown one referral partner at a time.

Have a little faith today. Your real estate business will love you for it! It is going to be a great 2019! Believe!

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