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4 Mindset Switches to Master Your Real Estate Sphere

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4 Mindset Switches to Master your Real Estate Sphere

It takes “Mastery” to make really GOOD cheese.

Before we make anything, cook anything, design anything etc it is imperative that we know a few things. This knowing can be an intuitive knowing (following your gut) or a very definite knowing (following a plan).

Your success requires that you have a strong sense of direction AND that you are motivated to achieve a specific result.

Three Questions

  • What are YOU creating with all your social media activity?
  • What is your desired end result?
  • What benefits are you hoping to see?

Your Ultimate Goal

Surely the ultimate goal of all your social media activity MUST be to build a powerful referral-based real estate brand. The kind of online presence that results in:

  • Weekly referrals
  • Massive positive awareness of “who you are” in your community
  • The obliteration of the tiring need to hustle

Our goal is to help highly relational, extremely creative real estate professionals build powerful personal brands. Below, I’ve outlined the FIRST STEP in a SIX STEP process that we use in our Master Your Sphere in Just 6-Weeks Training.

STEP #1: Gaining Right Social Media Mindset

Remember the over-arching goal is to BUILD a powerful social media brand that generates a large number of referrals and creates a massive amount of awareness within your community.

Let’s quickly look at the mindset adjustments that you are going to need to make to do this:

A. Quit Scattering & Start Focussing 

You may be diluting your brand by trying to be active on too many social media sites. Let’s choose a primary place to act as the home of your personal brand AND let’s build something remarkable there.

B. Let Go of Copying

Your personal brand is unique to you. To create a presence that stands out we must dig deep and focus on 3-4 things that set you apart from everyone else. Deeply personal qualities.

C. Choose Your Most Effective Modes of Expression Only

Something that does not end cannot be described AND something that cannot be described simply has no identity. Being indescribable is bad for your brand. Applying limits to how you express yourself and where you express yourself is an extremely powerful brand building tool… because the limits make you both definable and describable.

If you are not good on video… don’t be on video. If you are not skilled at blog writing… don’t write blogs. To push too much against your own skillset is foolish as you do not have the time or the natural ability to quickly achieve mastery… Instead focus on what you are good at and WIN big. Everyone is good at something!

D. It is ALL About Building Relational Equity

This is the critical lens for all our work. Your brand value is found only in the collective strength of the relationships that people have with you. Every time you write a piece of content, create some kind of social media offering the question what ,you want to be asking is this… “does this content draw or invite people into a deeper relationship with our brand? Or does it push them away?”

Example 1: Too many on-the-nose real estate posts — Positive or negative? Well they push me away if I, like 99.9% of your sphere are not currently in a real estate phase of life.

Example 2: A creative and nostalgic post about the importance of home — you draw me in with your humanity and the relational equity of your brand increases.

STEP #2: Generating Referrals Immediately

Tomorrow, I will discuss a way for you to Master Your Sphere and to begin Generating Referrals immediately.

In the meantime enjoy the cheese and leave your comments below, I would love to know which of the five mindset switches is MOST important to you.

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