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Escaping Relational Comfort

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Escaping Relational Comfort

Mastering anything is kind of like making great cheese… It takes the right natural ingredients, the perfect set of skills and the most important ingredient of all… TIME

Yesterday, we discussed the first step for real estate professionals in mastering their sphere. The first step is about aquiring a highly relational social media mindset.

The 2nd Step in Mastering Your Sphere is 100% about empowering others to refer you.

Generating Referrals Now

You are already rich! One of the most important steps in mastering your sphere and generating referrals NOW… is to look, see and appreciate the massive amount of relational equity that you already have within your sphere.

Even if you are starting out in Real Estate, you will already have some kind of sphere.. people who know people.

WARNING! There is a real danger in becoming so hungry for new connections that you negate the relationships you already have.

The relationships you already have are your shortest path to new referral business.

3 Smart Ideas to Generate More Referrals

Many of us have a large number of Facebook friends, past clients and general aquaintenances BUT are they energized enough to share our content regularly, refer us to others and generally promote our expertise to our local communities?

In most cases their energy to refer is too low. This is not their fault or their responsibility IT IS OURS!

Below are 3 different ways in which we can arouse our referral base and get them actively thinking and talking about us.

1. Connect to Your Client Base on Facebook

This sounds so basic that it hurts me to mention it BUT many of you have not done the work of looking up your previous clients and sending them a simple friend request. In our trainings we’ve seen Realtors literally generate new business with old clients… simply by sending friend requests.

ONE PROVISO: If you worked with a client and the experience was not good. You do not have to reconnect with them.

2. Give Potential Referral Partners Special Facebook Love

People are typically energized to help you when they feel close. One of the best ways to do this on Facebook is to access the Facebook List feature.

You can build a list of people who belong right at the center of your brand. The kind of people who you have symbiosis with. The kind of people that you would let cook in your kitchen. 

We call this group of people your Chef’s list and we’ll show you exactly how to do this in our “Master Your Sphere in Just 6 Weeks” Training here

Using the list feature will allow you to do two things:

  • Create content just for your Referral Partners (no one else sees it).
  • Filter out the noise and give your referral partners special attention with extra likes, shares, comments etc.

3. Avoid the Comfort Conundrum

I’ve outlined this one sphere building technique in the video above BUT essentially the desire for “COMFORT” is a natural human phenomenom that permeates the way we relate to others.

TO EXPLAIN… on Facebook you most likely have the tendency to interact with the same 15-20 people because you feel comfortable. As a result your love of comfort, coupled with the way that Facebook works its algorithms starts to cause your sphere to shrink rather than grow.

Watch the short video above and see the technique that many Real Estate Professionals have used to defeat comfort and expand rather than shrink their sphere… generating referrals in the process.


So in the last two days we’ve discussed the importance of:

1. Changing your Social Media Mindset 
2. Exciting your Referral Base

Tomorrow we’ll talk about creating remarkable content, the kind of presence that helps you to be known and loved within your local community… So that you avoid falling into the abyss of simply being… ‘just another Realtor trying to sell properties on Social Media”

Register for our 6 Week Training Here: https://goo.gl/AfAAUZ

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