Leading with Relationship

“Leading with Revenue” is a very popular mantra in business right now 👇BUT if I’ve learned one thing in the past 12-months it’s that there is an even greater mantra…. and that is….

…Leading With Relationship

Why is this so important?

Because at the heart of every business or brand is NOT a concept or a slogan or an idea… or even a business model. At the heart of every brand you will find a group of people. People like you and me. People who are commited fully to the offerings of the business or brand. People who advocate for the brand. People who share it with others. People who love it.

For many of our clients in the real estate industry this is a difficult concept… to elevate relationship above revenue. Why?

I think financial anxiety plays its part… From my own experiences I know that it is difficult to put the relationship first when you are anxious about putting food on the table and caring for your family.

But if you build a business built on hustling, if you build a business that puts revenue above all else… THEN you will be always hustling and at the heart of your brand you will find a group of people who are connected to you financially BUT perhaps not relationally.

As we begin to move through 2019 I would encourage you to make the hard and yet rewarding decision to lead with relationship; trusting that when you do, you are building something truly significant that will give you everything you need for a lifetime.

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