Day 1 – Finest Gold

This is the first post in a 7 Day Journey to Building Your Sphere of Influence using only Facebook.

Sometimes we forget…

Sometimes we forget or lose sight of the large number of people who care deeply about us.

We can take for granted those closest to us. I know I’ve done this on more than one occasion.

I wonder if it happens in your real estate career too?

Do you live with an anxious sense that you must know more people OR form relationships with more influential people to further grow your real estate business?

Be careful…

Maybe you already have enough connections. Maybe the problem isn’t numerical… maybe it’s depth…

Many of our clients have at least 2000 – 3000 connections on their personal Facebook Profile. Some run Groups or Facebook Pages with 1000’s – 10,000’s of fans.

How could knowing 2000 people not be enough?

It’s a fair question.

Welcome to the crazy, ravenously hungry, always thirsty world of social media. A world where we are tempted to measure our value by the number of our followers, rather than taking stock in the richness of our true friends.

What if you had a social media strategy that focused on building depth instead of number?

  • Quality over Quantity
  • Relationship triumphing the Transaction
  • The Home instead of the House

Imagine for one minute if you could fully and deeply engage those 2000+ people on your Facebook profile? Imagine if you could invite, inspire and encourage all of them to care deeply about you AND your work as a Realtor? 

Imagine how many referrals you could generate each year…

This is our focus when we teach authentic Facebook engagement for real estate professionals. To engage deeply, powerfully and naturally… in a manner that is battle-tested and proven to generate referrals.

Friend, if you want to build a deep referral network using Facebook then I would love to help you. There are two options for you:

I am here to help you build the strongest and best referral relationships possible. In this 7 Day Journey to Building Your Sphere of Influence using only Facebook… I will show you how.

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