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STOP: Diluting the POWER of Your Social Media

Don’t dilute the power of social media to grow your real estate business…

What do I mean?

As human beings we’re experts in getting in our own way and sabotaging our own growth. Most of the time we don’t even realize that we’re doing it.

One of key ways I see this happening for people like YOU in real estate is that there is a dilution of your social media presence and a loss of power.

If you are wondering WHY you are not regularly generating new business and referrals from social media THEN YOU SHOULD pay close attention to the dilution effect.

Let’s take a look at how you may be subsconciously emasculating the power of your social media efforts. The first thing to realize is that you have a limited amount of time to spend on social media. Some have more time than others… but it’s never infinite… everyone has a time cap.

Your Social Media Power is diluted by:

#1. Being on half a dozen channels. It is impossible to create something remarkable if you are trying to be active Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and more. That’s just too much for one person. Stop it.

#2. Adminstering 5-6 different pages or groups within a channel like Facebook. This is a form of social media polygamy… You cannot give yourself fully to a number of different communities and expect to be dynamically alive in all of them. Please consolidate. Please just choose one community and make it absolutely incredible… Your real estate business will love you for it.

#3. Posting way too much content. If you are talking all the time in real life then your voice is going to lose a lot of power… both physically and metaphorically. It is the same on social media. Go for quality over quantity. We have a six post/week strategy for Facebook that we teach and we’ve seen massive increases in both engagement and referrals for our clients.

#4. Outsourcing Your Social Media to a Company. Have you ever got anyone else to communicate something on your behalf in real life AND watched them absolutely bastardize it? The same thing happens on social media… it’s your voice and by outsourcing it you ineviatably lose 75% of your power at a minimum. Besides these companies are posting exactly the same content for dozens of other Real Estate professionals… the very definition of dilution.


I want you to do far less but I want you to speak with more power, to be fully remarkable, to focus on building your online brand and a large referral community. If you do this… your real estate business will love you for it and the referrals will flow!

Note: I’ve helped hundreds of others build powerful and remarkable social media brands that have generated large number of referrals. Book a free strategy session and find out how I can help you.

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