Should REALTORS be Shooting Selfie videos?


Should REALTORS be Shooting Selfie Videos?

If you are in real estate you’ve probably been told a number of times that you should be using video on social media…

But should you?

  • Do you like the medium?
  • Do you enjoy being on camera?
  • Is it the best way for you to authentically express who you are?

In reality the point is not just to be on video… the goal is to create compelling, authentic, eye-catching videos that get you a lot of attention and build a lot of trust.

For the majority of real estate people creating great videos is possible BUT it will require some training and quite a bit of practice. We’ve created Video Mastery in Just 30 Days to help you do this.

I talk about this training in a very short video below. It begins on March 5th, 2019. Register NOW to take advantage of the Early Bird Price and you will save $100.

Shoot me any questions via the contact page also.

Save $100 Here with Early Bird Registration

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