Why most REALTORS Do Not Like to See themselves on Video


Why Most REALTORS Don’t Like Looking At Themselves on Video

One of the keys to successfully using video to sell real estate is to get comfortable with seeing yourself on camera.

Do you remember the first time you ever heard your voice recorded and played back?

Did you wonder… Is that me? Is that what I actuallu sound like?

Why does this happen?  There is a logical reason…

… because we hear our own voice not only with our ears but also through the resonance of our own body it sounds odd when we hear it only from an external perspective.

As I explain in the video above a similiar thing happens when we see ourselves on video for the first time.

You’ve not see yourself in motion before.

You’ve not had the perspective of watching yourself from the outside, walking, talking, and interacting with the world in real time — you have had only an imagined perception of yourself.

As a result there is almost a sense of disbelief…

We are far more different than we imagined… but don’t worry…

.. for the rest of us though you look TOTALLY NORMAL this is how we are used to seeing you and we like you that way!

The Importance of Getting Comfortable

Video is the way of the future. If you are wanting to sell properties and build your brand then it is ESSENTIAL that you master the art of using video.

To achieve mastery you must first make the camera your friend.

As a trained filmmaker and actor who worked with hundreds of REALTORS, I’ve walked this path already. This is why I’ve specifically created a 30 Day Video Mastery Training to help you dominate your competition by excelling on video.

This training starts on Thursday, May the 9th, 2019.

Save $200 off this powerful training by REGISTER TODAY

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