It's Your Story

No one ever knows how the story ends…. that’s the truth…

Every sunrise brings the dawn of a new day, a blank page full of incredible possibilities to reach out to others, to make them laugh, inspire them to act; changing a life in some small or large way.

This is not some cock-eyed, coronavirus inspired talk… this has always been true. It is true for you today friend…

We must not cower, or hide or allow ourselves to fall victim to our circumstances…

The greater the struggle the greater the victory…

The hero of the day is seldom the muscle bound action hero, more often it is the ordinary person, the old woman, the single mom, the man who walks with a limp… the human being with love in his heart who dares to believe that despite the challenges they face… they can conquor all with simple acts of kindness.

Note: I will be writing one of these each day… come back to get inspired. I will be setting up subscription for this soon.

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