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Geoff Talbot Real Estate Coach
Geoff Talbot CEO

I’ve always been a big dreamer. A person who is drawn to big impossible ideas.

Like making movies.

But I didn’t know this growing up in New Zealand. My security conscious parents insisted when I was 17 years-old that I do something less risky, something that was more tangible and realistic. I was a bright lad so they bundled me off to Veterinary School.

Qualified as an “animal doctor” at the age of 22, before long I was featuring on a television series filmed at the Auckland SPCA.

Lesson #1: You can be good at something and still find it unfulfilling.

Within 18-months of working as a Veterinary Surgeon, I felt a call or an invitation to do something different. In very plain terms, there was a huge amount of creativity inside of me that needed to be expressed. I enrolled in film school, worked nights as an emergency veterinarian and had the time of my life.

For the next 8 years I did both professions full-time 100%. I had films play in every continent and I worked as a vet in both New Zealand and England. I went to Cannes and pitched screenplays successfully to some of the biggest film producers in the world.

Lesson #2: Sometimes things go well and then sometimes they don’t.

I came to the USA in 2009 (on my birthday) to meet with big film producers with an offer of 100% financing on two of my films. Does anyone remember the financial crisis? The money evaporated and took (at least temporarily) my dreams with it.

Lesson #3: We make our plans but the wind blows where-ever it chooses. Pay attention to the wind.

The wind may have blown me away from my film-making dreams but it blew me straight into the arms of love. Within a year, I had met Athaliah, a brilliantly beautiful black girl from Chicago. We met in July. We were were married by December. We were pregnant with our first by March. Oh how fiercely that wind blew.

Lesson #4: It’s your life, you can use your training and your life experiences however you wish.

We had an extra mouth to feed and so I began using a lot of what I knew about stories, about people (animal owners) and technology to help business owners and eventually real estate professionals use their inherent creativity and technology to empower their own careers online.

I loved doing this a lot more than I thought I would.

Lesson #5: Everyone matters, and every person has something unique to say.

When you are young, boisterous and fiery in your twenties, you see the world clearly, simply even, and the warrior in you can insist that others see it exactly the same way. But as you get older (as I got older), I learned to be curious about others, the film director in me wanted to invite them to release their own creative voices.

And that is really where I am today, extremely curious about you and your dreams, not only as a real estate professional but as a human being. What makes you who you are is more interesting than you realize.

At Really Social, we help unlock the human potential inside of you and we show you how you can use technology to build a powerful relationship-centric brand.