Digital Strategists for Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals often ask us, “what’s a digital strategist and how do you help people like us?”

It’s a great question.

The short answer is, “we help you use technology to dramatically grow your business in a highly relational, remarkable and authentic way.”

How Do We Help?

Most real estate professionals put in a huge amount of time and effort trying to market their business online and they are frustrated because they are not seeing the kind of results, engagement and actual transactions that they need and deserve.

We’ve identified 7 basic reasons for this failure:

  1. There is nothing unique about your brand that sets you apart.
  2. No strategy to engage the 99.9% of people who are not in a real estate transaction phase.
  3. Content is transaction-centered rather than relationship focused.
  4. Social media channels do not a specific relation purpose.
  5. There is no clear strategy that funnels people through the digital space towards a home.
  6. You are trying to do way too much.
  7. The approach is passive. You have no social selling strategy that moves the relationships offline.

Simply put our work as digital strategists helps you to dramatically and quickly overcome these challenges. It provides a simplicity and clarity to your online work that makes your marketing both fun and successful.

Working Together

There are a number of services that we offer. It really doesn’t matter whether your career is flying, you’re in a slump or just starting out. Very few people are priced out.

Contact me via our contact page here and we will make a time to discuss this further.