Global Facebook Accelerator

This 6 week comprehensive one-on-one coaching and training program will massively and quickly enhance your entire Facebook presence. As a result our clients:

  • Have a growth focussed approach to using every element of Facebook
  • Gain complete mastery of Facebook
  • Massively increase your Facebook engagement
  • Develop a powerful community group or page

How it Works?

Over the 6 week period you’ll have:

  • Six 90-minute live coaching and training sessions (recorded)
  • Access to all our Business planning and Facebook growth templates
  • Unlimited chat, email and phone support for the duration of training
  • 30% discount off all additional group training in the next 12-months

Why You Should Sign Up

The Global Accelerator program is perfect for people who want to move fast and grow their real estate business quickly. You should consider this coaching program if:

  • You want to move fast
  • You prefer to work one-on-one
  • Saving $800 is an attractive option
  • You want to see results quickly

If your prefer group trainings and are prepared to move more slowly when it comes to growing your Real Estate Business via Facebook then check out our group sphere mastery trainings here.

Training Modules

There are four specific training modules that we’ll work through so that you leave the 6-week coaching program with complete mastery.

1. Focus and Grow (Value $497)

During this module we’ll work together to develop an extremely unique and specific social marketing plan. We will…

  • Set realistic and specific transaction goals
  • Transform your transaction goals into attainable conversation goals
  • Identify your ideal clients and key influences

2. Master your Sphere (Value $497)

Here we’ll focus on the power of your Facebook Profile to build relationships and generate conversations and referrals. Some key points:

  • Use the power of Facebook’s CRM to create relationship based lists
  • You’ll learn how to quickly and easily get relationships offline
  • You’ll greatly increase the number of your connections
  • You’ll develop a clear personal brand that attracts your ideal clients

3. Increase Your Engagement (Value $497)

The number of people in your sphere is not important or relevant if you do not have the ability to engage them. During this training:

  • You’ll massively increase your likes, comments and shares (20-30 X)
  • You’ll receive a content strategy where you post only 6 times/week
  • You’ll stir up old connections and begin generating referrals

4. Build a Powerful Community (Value $497)

Most real estate Facebook Business pages suffer from extremely low engagement and they do not generate business. During this module

  • You’ll create/develop a dynamic Facebook page or group
  • We’ll teach you how to grow your community membership organically
  • How to use your group to generate new relationships and referral partners

How do I Sign Up For This

To discover if this training is right for you then book a free 45-minute strategy session here.  

When you sign up for the Global Facebook Accelerator coaching program this month, you’ll save $800 off the module price. This is the fastest way to achieve success with Facebook.

Global Facebook Accelerator

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Client Testimonials

“Geoff’s Facebook guidance is spot on. In many ways, it can be applied to other social platforms as well. It’s smart, easily digestible, fun and effective. Even if you think you have it dialed-in, I assure there’s quite a lot you’re likely to be missing. His programs will elevate your presence and augment your relationships, this I promise. Get on the court and play ball! “

Chris Kallin. Realtor

“Thanks to Geoff’s social media training and his business planning, I will close January with more than 50% of the volume I closed in 2018! I followed his advice and am keeping my “why” the center of everything I do this year! I have been able to focus more, be better motivated, and work smarter than I ever have!”

Chrissi Stromvall Topoleski. Realtor

“In real estate, some trainers and coaches would say contact your SOI or Sphere of Influence, but didn’t teach us how to develop those relationship. Geoff has taught us step by step how to take those online relationships to offline. Teach a woman or a man to fish and they will eat for a lifetime.”

Wayne Miller. Realtor