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Maximizing Your Organizations or Teams Potential

There is an incredible amount of potential and relational equity within your team or organization that once unlocked with exponentially increase your groups performance.

What do I mean by relational equity?

Successful real estate people are successful because of their broad and deep relational networks. The number and the depth of a person’s relationships this is a measure of their relational equity.

Social media is a major connector and multiplier of a person’s relational equity.

Unlocking the Potential within your Team

Imagine if every person in your team or organization had a powerful social media presence and a strong personal brand…

A team is only as strong as the individuals within it. We can significantly increase the effectiveness of your team AND the size of your social footprint within the communities in which you operate…through the equipping and training of your people.

When every one of your team members is active in the social space you are going to see incredible results. Book a free strategy session with me below and I will show you exactly how this is possible.

Commonly Asked Questions and Objections

Q. Our people don’t have the time to be active on social media
A. Social Media is modern day door knocking on steroids. Your people do not have the time to NOT have an active presence.

However it is critical that they use their time effectively. That is why a big part of our strategies center around limiting people to 1-2 social channels only AND we focus their energies on the social channels that best suit their communication style, their target markets etc.

Q. Building strong personal brands is not our business model?
A. Behind this objection often lies a fear that if we empower our people they will leave us because they don’t need us anymore.

The answer to this is simple.

Would you rather have a team full of unempowered people fullfilling 1/10th of their sales potential for 10 years OR would you rather have a team full of people operating at 100% for 5 years? You are actually 5 times better off in the second situation.

At any rate success can breed loyalty. When people are happy and they are making a great income they tend to stay. When people are unhappy they either remain and act like a sea anchor that holds everyone back OR they leave looking for greener pasture.

You’re always going to be better off with a team full of passionate, brand building, referral generating sales people.

Q.We don’t have the budget to massively invest in our people
A. Looking after your people should be your primary investment. Equipping them and empowering them will always have a positive ROI for your team or organization.


We have a very unique training and consultation model, which opens up possibilities for even the smallest and most cashflow light teams. Book a free strategy session below AND we’ll simply give you some great free ideas and explore what is possible in a low pressure conversation.