We’ve had the good pleasure of helping a large number of real estate professionals across the world with their digital strategy.

Seven Testimonials:

“Geoff Talbot from Really Social is a marketing genius! He’s so authentic and will teach you how to let your self shine through in your marketing endeavors. His tips & suggestions will blow you away with how effective they are, yet they feel real and not car salesman like. He’s a great person with a wealth of knowledge who truly enjoys helping others succeed.”  Stephanie Willauer Harris

“Someone has mentioned these guys are awesome sauce and I have to agree! Had a session with Really Social…the ability for them to immediately customize what you are already doing and leverage it to ensure that your personality is coming out is astounding. Your biggest asset socially is yourself…and they knew exactly what to do and how! Within 3 days of implementing some of the changes recommended I have seen my targeted neighbourhood group increase membership three fold with a 300% increase in participation from members. Exactly what I was looking for.” Nicole Gagnon-Bafaro

“I wanted to tell you about a wonderful compliment you received. My boss and I were in a skill session group discussing time management and business plan “check ins” for about 8 of us. He volunteered that my business plan was the best he had ever seen which if you knew him, you would understand the levity of that endorsement. After having been in the business successfully for 15 years, I am thrilled to see my business grow even more under your tutelage. It has been such a fun and exciting experience. You have helped me pave the way for the second half of my career. ”  Laura A.Hall. 

“Just had a strategy session with Geoff for 2 hours. It’s was great!!! I am a non-teckie and usually get lost with things like this, but not this time. Geoff always made sure that I understood what he was saying and I did … highly recommend you work with Geoff especially if you are like me and sometimes are tech challenged! Looking forward to our next session and growing my business.” Lorraine Beato

“Geoff from Really Social is one of the most talented, well-rounded people I’ve had the good fortune to work with. He has a diverse (and really neat!) diverse professional background, and he’s naturally an excellent communicator. I think it’s the combination of these two things that gives him the unique insights into understanding the audience in his target market and speaking very pointedly to their pain points — even when done in mass, which blows my mind. ” Joy Kim

“What I love about Geoff is that he takes the mystery out of social media marketing. Just because we’re all having online conversations doesn’t mean we have to sound like robots. I myself didn’t really know how or where to start and Geoff is guiding me through it. And when I say guide, I mean he’s teaching me how to navigate social media instead of just doing it for me. I wanted someone outside of my industry to think creatively and he has done exactly that. Geoff will always be my “go to” when it comes to online media.” Par Hanji

“Geoff is truly one of the most advanced Internet marketing minds I have ever met. He was Seth Godin before Seth Godin. I have seen him take a client’s social media presence from zero to over a million – with immense amounts of audience engagement – in a matter of just a few months.” Christine Marie Katas

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