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Move Up Coaching

Your coaching group will never have more than 12 people in it AND because we believe strongly in the power of relationship we will fight to keep your group together through-out the coaching period.

  • The initial commitment is for 4-months
  • Our coaching is extremely affordable at only $97/Month
  • Weekly 45-minute group coaching call where action items are set.
  • Unlimited Chat Support with a Really Social Master Trainer.
  • Two weekly Q & A Session where you can ask us anything you like.
  • 30% Discount on any of our Power or Mastery Trainings.

Growing a referral based real estate business is really quite simple. It is simply about…

Having the right number, of the right conversations with the right kind of people.

The 3 Rights of Real Estate Coaching

Our bricks and mortar group coaching focuses heavily on these 3 rights, through providing training, inspiration and accountablity.

  • The Right Number of Conversations. We set conversation goals that match your business goals and then with accountability and encouragement you actively go out and pursue those conversations.
  • The Right Conversations. It’s important to not just have conversations but to have the right kind of conversations. We’ll train you on exactly how to generate these conversations.
  • The Right People. Having a large number of conversations with the wrong kinds of people will only hurt your business and waste your time. We coach you on finding the right people; your ideal clients

Our Four Paradigms for Success

Proven Process

Through 1000’s of hours of workshopping, testing and trying new strategies we’ve turned the “gray and blurry art” of using social media to grow your real estate business into a defined science. No more guess work.

(ii) An Innovative Paradigm

We’ve developed a completely new way for people in real estate to think about Social Media. For many of our clients it’s like taking blinkers off their eyes. The benefits for your business are huge… you’ll get coaching in this

(iii) An Inspiring Community

Success by yourself is a difficult thing to achieve. Environment plays a critical role in ensuring success. You will join 11 other real estate professionals in a dynamic group coaching environment.

(iv) Expert Mentorship

As a member of our Bricks and Mortar group coaching program you will have access to Master Trainer Geoff Talbot with weekly 45-minute team coaching sessions, 24/7 Facebook Chat Support and Biweekly Q & A Sessions. You will also get 30% off all Mastery and Power Trainings.

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