One-on-one Twitter Coaching

Twitter is still an incredibly valuable business tool. Why?

When it comes to reaching out and connecting with new people Twitter is the greatest of all social media channels. You can actually connect with whoever you wish and in great numbers. You just need to know who and you need to know how.

Most real estate professionals (and indeed most people) make the mistake of using Twitter in an extremely passive manner. Their strategy is to simply pump our real estate specific content and hope that people notice them

For the first 3 years in our own business, 95% of our clients were sourced from Twitter. We have incredibly specific, highly relational strategies that are guaranteed to grow your sphere quickly and generate new business.

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We can work with only a maximum of 6 professionals each month on their Twitter.

Don’t Take my Word for it.  Read these Testimonials:

“What I love about Geoff is that he takes the mystery out of social media marketing. Just because we’re all having online conversations doesn’t mean we have to sound like robots. I myself didn’t really know how or where to start and Geoff is guiding me through it.” Par Hanji

“His insight and recommendations have helped us to develop new programming that has quadrupled our web traffic, decreased our bounce rate by 69%, and exponentially increased visitor engagement. These results have had a dramatic impact on our business.” Stephanie Jackman

“Geoff is truly one of the most advanced Internet marketing minds I have ever met. He was Seth Godin before Seth Godin. I have seen him take a client’s social media presence from zero to over a million – with immense amounts of audience engagement – in a matter of just a few months.” Christine Marie-Katas

This program only requires a $697 investment. It includes:

    1. A complete audit of your Twitter properties
    2. Two surveys that help to identify the voice of your brand
    3. A 2-hour one-on-one Twitter strategy session with Geoff
    4. An action plan for twelve months, so you know exactly what you are doing
    5. 14 days for free mentoring to help you implement your plan.
    6. Full money-back guarantee if you feel as though you’ve received no value.

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We can work with only a maximum of 6 professionals each month on their Twitter.

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